Protesters outside the statehouse in Columbus, OH

Across the nation states are experiencing protests against the government closing down business, leaving many in shambles on how to take care of their families (and themselves). Specifically in Ohio, where I live, protesters have caused so much noise from outside the statehouse in Columbus that DeWine’s press conferences have been moved into the basement.

As a self-prescribed Libertarian I agree that the state’s shouldn’t be forcing citizens to stay home, and they shouldn’t be forcing small business owners to risk their life’s work if they’re willing to risk their health for economic survival. However, I vehemently despise anyone who is not staying home and practicing isolation during this pandemic. Not only is it an illustration of ignorance, but of reckless, irresponsible behavior that disgusts me.

The stimulus situation has been worrisome, from system glitches to the $1,200 checks being sent to incorrect bank accounts. Once each person receives their check, it won’t last long, as the average monthly cost for housing costs somewhere in the ballpark of $1,400. Certain people need to work.

However, for those who are simply protesting in Columbus over personal liberty, or other reasons besides basic necessity to survive in a struggling economy are doing something reprehensible. Even as a Libertarian, this is not the time to be exercising our principles purely for that reason. I will always advocate that the state can not control my life, even in times of a pandemic. I will always oppose a fascist infrastructure that keeps me from my job or even keeps me from going in public with friends. Does that mean I am going to leave to do those things? Absolutely not.

Standing outside the statehouses and in town squares less than inches away from random strangers is asinine. But, I digress in which I pose the idea: let them gather, let them go to work, let them do what they want, how they want — and as a result? I hope those who willingly and knowingly put everyone in their state at risk of death by COVID-19 are removed from the gene pool. These kinds of selfish individuals who do have a significant impact on hundreds, maybe even thousands of neighbors in their state do not deserve the luxury of life, given how serious the virus is, and all of the information we know about it. It’s perfectly reasonable to have a more merciful mindset rendered to those who may be ignorant, say senior citizens who have been brainwashed for the last 25+ years to hear FOX news as gospel, but even then, how do you not know the serious implications your actions will have on others? Stay home, or don’t expect your country’s help for your intentionally thoughtless behavior.

As for me and my family, we will stay home and be responsible while balancing what’s needed to stay afloat until it is advised by health officials that it is safe to return to work, return to public areas, restaurants, etc. Maybe when we all return as responsible citizens the world will be a little less empty, a little less prevalent of those who don’t care, don’t love, don’t think of others before themselves.

Filmmaker, writer.